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If you are a man who wants to add something special for wanting to look good on the dance floor, or a woman who wants a cool and comfortable dress shoe. You really can’t go wrong with a good pair of leather double monk shoes.

Bodega Shoes Real Leather Men Black Double Monk ShoesHistory:

It is believed that, in the fifteenth century, a monk in the Alps modified a pair of sandals, so the monk got his name. Unfortunately, the records of that era and the evidence we have as a brand after 1901 are difficult to find. Traditionally, the monk strap shoe has only one buckle and this shoe has been seen for years.

Over time, men wanted to create a different style, so they added a double buckle. Occasionally, you may also see three buckled shoes, perhaps more. In my experience, it is very fashionable to have more than 1 buckle. You want to stick with the classic look and go with a single or double monk.

The design of the monk strap shoes is inspired by the comfort and high quality that shoe fans have long sought. Men’s dress shoes are reputed to be notoriously uncomfortable, but Monk Strap Shoes change all that effortlessly.

The Monk Double Strap Shoe is not without controversy as fashion purists argue that only middle-aged men should wear shoes with a monk strap. The new fashion trend for monk shoes with straps features designers who create elegant versions for monks with double straps.
Brown Double Monk Shoes

Measure your Feet size correctly before purchase:

Size is one of the most important things to keep in mind when buying shoes with a monk strap. It can be useful to measure your feet correctly before purchasing a pair of shoes with a monk strap. If you are always between sizes or feel that you will have trouble getting comfortable shoes that you are entitled to.

Colors do not matter for a pair of purchased monk strap shoes. Sticking with neutral colors is the best option.

Durability and longevity are the top priority traits for shoes with a monk strap. If you get a more modern color then you wear a nice pair of shoes with a neutral monk strap.

How to care for Leather Double Monk Shoes:

A shoe with a monk belt will not be complete in a few words. How to really take care of them and keep their new shoes the day you bought them.

If you have invested in a good pair of genuine leather monk strap shoes. You will want to make sure that you choose a good leather conditioner. You can use it to highlight the shine of the leather after cleaning it with a very mild soap. You should avoid using abrasive soap and scrubbers in your leather boots with monk strap. This will corrode the quality surface of the shoe.

To keep your shoes appropriately with monk belts. You will also want to invest in high-quality shoes that ensure that your shoes are made in the same way they were presented.

You may use your shoe tree set to maintain the shape of the monk strap shoes. If you have a light-colored monk strap. You have to be careful while buying double monk shoes so that the dress shoes do not come off.

Double Monk Shoes Black

Difference between Leather Single Monk Shoes and Leather Double Monk Shoes:

It does not matter whether you have a monk or a Double Monk, the development is very similar. You also have an upper staple such as a buckle strap and then a heel. In this case, the shoe has some wingtip but is completely optional.

The same is true for Leather Double Monk Shoes, the only difference being that the buckles on the straps may be in different positions. The space between the buckles may be different and the angle and style may be different.

Get a more dynamic look with just stripes that are not aligned or parallel. Most monk strap shoes have a small portion of elastic. Naturally, not all feet are the same and therefore, you can find some holes in the strap to fit your foot.

For a Single Monk Strap, this is basically the only adjustment you can make and, therefore, it is more difficult to adjust correctly. Because it has 2 adjustable straps in a Double Monk, this is an easy principle to achieve. In practice, it does not matter much.

It is important that you try on the shoes and make sure that it is as close as possible. It will be a strange shoe that you wear.

Bodega Shoes Real Leather Men Brown Double Monk Shoes

So how do you wear leather monk shoes?

Originally, they are slightly less Formal Shoes than Oxford or Derby which makes it very versatile today. It combines well with casual suits, business casual suits, jackets, sports coats, especially combinations.

I also like to use it with Tweed. It always gives you a unique look. There are many more Oxford shoes and lace shoes than monk straps. He has always worn leather Monk Shoes for formal events with a three-piece suit, black tie or white tie, funeral or walking suit.

It is not only suitable for the type of garment.

Why it is extremely important to use a shoehorn to put on leather double monk shoes?

A monk’s strap is cut high at the foot and has no real opening, unlike a shoe with laces. Then, ideally, strap your monk with the buckle, enter with the shoe and close it.

Shoes with a Double Monk Strap that can take longer. Then, if you are in a hurry, wear a Single-Strap Monk Shoe and pull so that you can put it on easily without damaging it.


If this is your first shoe with a monk strap, choose something in dark brown, burgundy or brown. Stay away from black color unless you wear many gray and dark gray suits. Buy shoes before you go and start with the calf and then go into the suede.

If you do not want to be a chalet, you can drop a buckle. The monk belt is more casual in nature. It is an ideal shoe to pair with normal socks, whether striped, dotted or patterned.

After all, Leather Double Monk Shoes are definitely in trend here. It is perfect for both men and women who really want to bring something new to the table. The information will guide and you should not have trouble getting an excellent pair of Monk Strap Shoes. You can enjoy for a long time with Monk Shoes.

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