Men’s brown wedding shoes India

Men’s brown wedding shoes India

Men’s brown wedding shoes India, there is a belief that God makes couples. When two people decide to walk together for a lifetime, they want to save every moment of the wedding day. Not only the bride but also the groom. Every couple wants them to look much better when their wedding album is made.  For this, they choose their attire very carefully; you cannot ignore Men’s wedding shoes in wedding preparations.

Some important tips that you should keep in mind when buying your Men’s wedding shoes.

Mens brown shoes for wedding

1. Comfort level

Comfort is the most important thing in marriage.  This allows you to walk comfortably throughout the ceremony without feeling leg pain.  You should choose shoes that use extra padding so that your feet feel comfortable.

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2. Purchase one week before

Do not give your shoes any inconvenience on the day of the wedding.  The best way to do this is to buy the shoes a week in advance and start wearing them.  So that the shoe will fit in the shape of your foot. So that the shoe will mold to the shape of your foot and you will not have any discomfort on the wedding day.

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3. Heel height

A high heel increases your length but also increases the pressure on your fingers, Now you should balance between the two and choose more high heel shoes instead of more high heels.

4. Anti slipped

Dancing with friends is common in marriage, but you are also planning to dance at your wedding, so do not touch the more rigid soles when choosing shoes because they can slip on the dance floor.

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5. Wedding location

If your wedding venue is a green meadow and there is a possibility of rain, then you should choose shoes that are less likely to stick and can be cleaned easily. And if the wedding is in Indore then you can use high heel shoes.

6. Color

There is a belief in India that black color is considered inauspicious and often people avoid choosing a black color when choosing shoes for marriage. The Men’s brown wedding shoes India is most preferred among wedding shoes.  Generally, the color of your shoes should be darker than your paint.  You can also choose matching color shoes of the belt.

7. Match with your Dress

Which shoes you should wear at your wedding should be decided according to your dress.  If you are wearing a Western suit, then pure leather shoes will be suitable for you and the height of the heels should match the height of your paint.  If you are wearing Indian apparel like Sherwani, kurta, etc. then you are most suitable for Rajasthani leather jutti.

8. Brand

When the decision is made on the design of the shoes, then it comes to know which brand you will spend your money on.  But I would advise you to choose a suitable pair from the wide collection of Pure Leather shoes from Bodega Shoes.

9. How to purchase

Once it is decided what kind of shoe you want to buy, then the next question comes from where to buy. The internet has become common and many online stores can provide you better shoes. Men’s brown wedding shoes India  

10. Budget 

If your budget is tight, then you should avoid more designer shoes.  Because shoes like these are very expensive.  Secondly, you are not able to use them in your daily routine after marriage.  Therefore you can go for pure leather formal shoes.


In the end, my advice for Men’s brown shoes wedding India is that you do not compromise on your comfort, although wearing wedding shoes goes for 1 day, but make a place in your wedding album forever.

At Bodega shoes, we specialized in Men’s wedding shoes.  We have a very nice collection not only for the groom but also for other men who attend the wedding.

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