Real Leather Men's Black Brogue Shoes

 4,999.00  4,499.00


Real Leather Men’s Black Brogue Shoes

 4,999.00  4,499.00

  • Brand: Bodega
  • Product Code: BG-007-Black

The specialty of Brogue Shoes Men is that these shoes are made of several pieces of leather. Brogue shoes have many holes, as well as the height of the heels of these shoes, which are also very low. At present, the Leather Brogues Shoes is available in a wide variety of styles, Men’s Black Brogue Shoes

Which basically include the

  • Longwing Brogue
  • Semi brogue
  • Quarter  Brogue
  • Full Brogue

Brogue Shoes Men are ideal shoes for men who want to look different. We have crafted a range of Brogue shoes that strike an ideal balance between modern style and traditional class. Keen attention to detail is given to two pairs of our Brogue shoes to preserve their old and classy look. At the same time, the shine of leather gives it a unique modern touch. All of this makes our Brogue shoe ideal for every occasion. If you want to stay on-trend and look classy then consider a pair of Bodega Brogues shoes right now. Real Leather Men’s Black Brogue Shoes is handcrafted by Bodega Shoes Company in India.

There are a number of things to consider when shopping for Brogue Shoes Men shoes and they include

Toecaps style: Every man has his own style when it comes to this type of shoes. But if you are a bit confused then all 4 toecap style can be used one by one. And if you want to diversify your shoe collection you can buy more than one style

Size and fit: It is very important to buy the right size shoe so that the shoe fits properly and the foot is also comfortable.


Overall, we can say that if you have a Pair of Brogue Shoes Men in your shoe collection, then you can be sure that you have a perfect shoe for most occasions. You can also try Brown Brogue Shoes.


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