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The world has made great progress in the field of synthetic.  Despite this, even today, if it is about shoes, then the most demand is for Real leather shoes. Most men’s first choice is Pure leather shoes. Leather shoes are still considered the most suitable for men in the workplace. However, nowadays the market is flooded with fake leather shoes. But there is still no alternative to Real leather shoes.

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Real leather shoes are better because of their material.

They are durable

Real leather shoes last a long time and have no effect on their quality. On the other hand, synthetic shoes do not last very long and their quality deteriorates very quickly.

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Pure leather shoes are breathable

Studies show that shoes made from Pure leather Shoes absorbed the moisture from your feet better than shoes made from synthetic materials. It is very beneficial for your feet.

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They are eco-friendly

Real leather is a natural product, it is obtained from animal skins. Leather shoes can be disposed of without harming the environment after they have served their time.

Never outdated

Real leather shoes are never old fashioned. You can wear these anytime on any occasion.

Much more comfortable

A good quality genuine leather shoe is much more comfortable than a synthetic shoe. Pure Leather Shoes had its own special feature, due to which it would hold its shape according to your foot. Because of which your feet feel very comfortable. Genuine leather shoes are like a soft bed for your feet. With which you can do your daily routine very comfortably.

If you are thinking about buying a pair of leather shoes then you have to think about their maintenance first. An expensive shoe can be useless without cleaning. Most men do not care for money when buying a pair of leather, but when it comes to the care of those expensive shoes, most people ignore it.

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How to clean your Pure Leather Shoes

Polishing on shoes is not enough. But if you really want to keep your leather shoes clean then.

First of all, give them a clean waterproof spray with the help of clean cotton cloth then polishing it with a good quality shoe polish will make your shoes shine.

I. Remove all kinds of dust

When you start cleaning your leather shoes, first of all, remove all kinds of dust from the shoes with the help of various types of spray and gel. After clearing all the dust, now you have appropriate polish on the shoes.

II. Regular Polishing

Real Leather shoe wants regular Polishing so we should repeat it over a period of time because a one-time polish will give you protection for a very short time.

It is possible that if you lack time, then you can do this work from shoe cleaning shops or even yourself.

In the olden days, the inside of the banana peel was used to brighten leather shoes. Pure Leather shoes are most important to protect from waterproof polish.

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